Shopper Identification Alert

How the Service Guarantee Works

The Spot Us, It’s On Us Guarantee is available for all on-demand mystery shopping programs and brands. Should your staff identify one of our shoppers while onsite, the following procedures must be followed to receive the benefits of the program guarantee.

Procedure for Notification

1. Contact us if your staff or a manager is able to identify the shopper, of if they suspect a shop is in progress.

2. A location manager or supervisor must contact us while the shopper is inside the physical property.

3. Contact must be made by a location manager or supervisor via private form.

Program Requirements

Do not approach the shopper in question or any of their guests. Should a shopper or her guests be approached by any member of the organization or staff under evaluation, the guarantee will not be honored and payment will be processed.

Should your staff successfully identify the shopper, a confirmation will be sent via email or phone call when necessary. The shop will be removed from the system and charged will be deleted.

Let us know if you need any assistance.