The mystery shopper program administered through Inside Evaluators, LLC provides clear measurable goals to help us improve our operation and guest experience. “Our restaurant group has used Inside Hospitality | Inside Evaluators for nearly 4 years now and has seen some significant improvements in guest service delivery and execution as directly as a result. Unlike previous Mystery Shopping, the whole process is focused on improvement rather than failure. Most mystery shopping companies provide robust data but have no idea how to help you use it.

Jason Alender

US Market Research Coordinator

Inside Evaluator Brands has given us tremendous insight into what is actually happening from a customer interaction perspective. And there is nothing better than having an objective, comprehensive evaluation to use for coaching and for helping us to catch our companions doing the right things.

Josh Allen

Owner, Companion Bakery

It could be 2pm or 2am, there is always someone knowledgeable of our company and account on the other end of the phone for our managers should they have any questions. We work crazy hours and so do they. Inside Hospitality is more than our mystery shopping company. They are our trusted partner.

Mitch Wallach

Hotel Operations, W Hotel Group

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