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Flat rate  price, customizable shops, get started in under 3 minutes. 


We’ve made the process super easy. BarStoolie QuickShop is a robust black and white report that is an incredibly detailed account of our evaluators observations. All the basics are covered from, security to guest transaction documentation.



BarStoolie Quick Mystery Shop 


Comprised of 7 total sections and over 100 questions with a flat rate of $155. Want to drill a little deeper or target specifics? That’s where our extra add-on elements come in. Pick and choose to create the ultimate customizable bar shop.

Add-On Elements

Click here to learn about all the different BarStoolie extra add-on elements.

Location Caveats

While we have an extensive presence in both USA and Internationally, some markets may require additional time/flexibility to match the correct evaluator. If we cannot accommodate the day/time/location request, the credit card hold will be removed and transaction canceled. Contact us for more information.